With a history of success working with top corporations throughout the world, Jennifer Walling is thriving effortlessly in her career. A titan in sales and a maverick of fair play for creative individuals worldwide, she directs her focus and energy to oversee and innovative software that will guarantee the right of ownership to creative professionals. In this process, she also hopes to eliminate copyright infringement and intellectual theft. With the help of this software, she hopes to empower creative individuals all over the world.

Who is Jennifer Walling? 

Jennifer Walling is a distributor of vascular solutions for doctors serving as neuro and spine surgeons. More specifically, she crafted an enormous clientele over her active professional years. She has a proven track record of success in increasing sales as well as distribution of various products. In addition, she has become a powerful ally to increase the bottom-line on any product. In addition to demonstrating excellence in her professional realm, she embraces her entrepreneurial role with her medical distribution business as well as her position as the Co-Founder of Metapyxl.

How did she plan her future? What inspired her to sell medical devices? According to Jennifer, she started her journey straight out of college. She knew in her heart that she wanted to sell medical devices. In fact, she had been selling medical devices since she graduated from college and has remained in close proximity with the sales and marketing industry throughout her adult life. This can be seen from her years working for larger corporations such as DuPont, GE, Medtronic, and Saint Jude. While working with these various corporations, she was always either at or well over quota. By 2010, with the experience she acquired, she became an entrepreneur and began selling medical equipment of her own.

“Where there is a will, there is a way”

Business & Legacy

As a Co-Founder for her upcoming project, Jennifer Walling educated herself in the language of science and technology. Deep down, she believes that this language should be the universal language that all humans should converse in. While the business is still under development, the company is establishing an authentication software to protect creative projects made by artists. In addition, her software allows creative individuals to protect their intellectual property from theft and infringement. Last but not least, she aims to help creative professionals produce, monetize, and profit from their own creations.